Red has been the color of the season for me, so I was pleased to see that Apple is doing good with my favorite hue of the season in the form of their newly redesigned ipod nano. When you purchase this special edition ipod nano Apple will give $10 of its purchase price to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

4GB (1,000 songs) PRODUCT RED special edition ipod nano $199; Apple will give $10 from the purchase of your iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

Speaking of Africa, my dear friend Sara is currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin.

Here is a little background on the country:

  • More than a third of Benin’s population lives in poverty.
  • French is the national language
  • Benin has a very interesting culture, as it is believed that voo-doo originated here
  • Adult illiteracy, especially among women, and under-five child mortality are both high.
  • While AIDS prevention knowledge is widespread in the country it is still a major issue for the country as there were an average of 68,000 adults & children living with AIDS in Benin by the end of 2003 (population 6,918,000).

To read more about her experiences in Benin, and to view her gorgeous photographs of the people & the country please vist her blog over in benin, and leave a lot of comments for her! (you can tell her I sent you there!) Also, because she is living in Africa, there are times she will have long breaks in her posts, but she posts every chance she gets to an internet cafe!

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