I have always been drawn to typography, monograms, initials, vintage ABC books and flash cards, so I am beyond thrilled that there seems to be no shortage of items bearing my favorite members of the alphabet. I am also looking forward to sitting down and watching the Helvetica documentary. Here are some of my favorite letter & type related items found around the web:

::top:: Small Giclee Bird Print by JennSki $25; “M” Mug $10.95 @ Fishs Eddy; Makool Alphabet Shirt $88; Word Jumble Bracelet $48 @ Anthropologie; Letterpress Monogram Cards $16 @ Anthropologie;
::middle:: BANG letter tote “M” $22; Recycled Wood Alphabet Letters $16 @ Anthropologie; A is for Apple Paper cut $45 by A little Hut; There is Nothing Wrong With You print $25 by mati rose mcdonough; ABC Love Print $45 to $120 from Made by Girl;
::bottom:: 1950’s Restored Royal Typewriter – Turquoise $495 @ three potato four; Magnetic Alphabet Set $45 @ MOMA Store; Spam One Liners: No Girls Laugh At Me by Linzie Hunter $29.99;Days of the Week Tags $2.50 by everyjotandtittle;

Helvetica Film Trailer:

Purchase the Helvetica Film DVD here

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