LeTrain Bleu just posted the results of their iPhone photoshoot and the photos are fantastic. The photos were edited using the app CameraBag. Using the Magazine, Pola, and the “Helga” (ie Fake Holga) filters the photos were transformed directly in their phone. This is happy news for iphone users. It is great to see cell-phone photos come out so wonderfully! Of course nothing will replace the often unpredictable results of a real Holga. Part of the fun is the mystery and eager anticipation of what the final results will be. I took my Holga to the beach this weekend and I am eager to see the film negatives! While I’m pretty sure I have at least one frame where my fiance’s elbow will be blocking one of my shots, perfection is never the aim when you are shooting film.

My favorite shots from the LeTrain Bleu iphone shoot are pictured below:

View all of the photos at LeTrain Bleu.

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