The “Queen of Mean” strikes again–this time from the grave! Leona Helmsley reportedly left a $12 million trust fund to her Maltese, named “Trouble”, but left two of her grandchildren nothing! Ouch! (Read the full story here.)

I told my beagle, Sophie, this morning that if I had $12 million I would totally leave it to her. Sadly, for her I have about $10 in my wallet right now. This was her reaction to the news:
my eyelids are heavy

This is totally unrelated, but, does anyone remember when Leona Helmsley’s limo caught on fire outside Saks Fifth Ave.? It happened right around my lunch hour in the summer of 2005, so I snapped a few pictures (see below). She was unharmed in the incident and rushed from the scene in order to make it in time for her lunch date.

Aww, the memories!

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