Lauren Conrad (a/k/a L.C.)of the MTV reality shows, Laguna Beach, and The Hills has been everywhere lately. You are bound to run into Lauren hawking a product at every turn. She is presently the spokeswoman for Meet Mark, has her own line of jersey dresses & tops, and most recently has collaborated with Linea Pelle to create some lovely chain accented leather bags. While there are numerous other Linea Pelle designs I like better than the L.C. bags,  I have to say I’m always a sucker for chain details & a nice slouchy tote.  If you have a Hills fan on your Christmas list this December the following items would be great gifts for them, that is if you have some extra cash on hand, because it isn’t cheap!

Linea Pelle Bags from the Lauren Conrad Collection:

Lauren Conrad Clothing Collection:

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