If you’re familiar with M.A.C.’s shadesticks and grease paint sticks, you’ll immediately recognize that the concept of Laura Mercier caviar sticks is similar. The price is a bit steep at $24 a pop, but the caviar sticks do exactly what they claim to do. They smoothly apply richly pigmented cream shadow, that after twenty seconds or so it dries into a crease & smudge resistant base. I found that window to be long enough to smudge and blend, after that, I found the shadow pretty difficult to budge:

 Steel; Amethyst;   Smoke;  Khaki; & Cocoa $24 each @ Sephora

The caviar sticks also proved to be a pretty good base. I used Amethyst as a base under M.A.C.’s Mauvement pigment, and the results were fantastic, like they were destined to go together. I can’t wait to try more looks with these! These may not be budget friendly, but  I found that they can can be useful for mixing up night looks. If you have the cash to splurge on these, I would recommend taking one and adding it to your arsenal. If nothing else, they are certainly fun to play with!

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