everyone loves to get mail, so long as it isn’t a bill or junk, and lets face it– unless it is our birthday or some other holiday/event we just don’t get enough good mail from our friends, family, or people we just don’t like! seriously, i don’t even get hate mail anymore! i am on a mission to write my friends more… even if i have nothing to say at all (they know me, so they are used to me rambling on about anything & everything and they will love me for it! (at least they better!))…i may even throw in a few “likes” in for good measure to ensure they get the full effect. anyway, because of my new(ish) writing campaign, i am on the hunt for some lovely stationery to send my friends, family, and swap-partners! i am smitten with boiled art’s simple, & well designed, letterpress notecard sets:

{l to r, top to bottom}; sealed with a kiss notecard $4; bird cage notecard set $16; school supplies (pack of 5) $24; Eagle Mikado No.2 – On tan (eight cards no envelopes) $12; all available @ boiledart.etsy.com

also file under: “we must write our friends more”
“need more stamps”

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