ORNO is a line of modern jewelry created by architect Carla Smiley. ORNO is the Latin root of the word ornament–the definition of which is to adorn, decorate, honor, or distinguish. Each piece is cut from a single piece of wood, sanded by hand, and then finished with a coat of clear varnish intended to bring out the natural colors & textures of the wood. The line is largely influenced by the geometrical patterns found in ancient architecture.

Octogonal Star Walnut Earrings $48; Circular Mahogany Earrings $38; @ Orno’s etsy shop;

Thin Teardrop Purpleheart Earrings $38; Triangular Walnut Earrings $38; both @ Orno’s etsy shop;

to see more from ORNO visit ornoonline.com or orno.etsy.com

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