While searching for some beautiful long gold necklaces to accessorize a little black dress I found myself to Jessica Elliott’s wonderful gold iron collection. The pieces are striking & interesting while remaining feminine and versatile. I am also a fan of her “use your words” collection, one that I plan to keep in my arsenal of good gift ideas 🙂 Here are some of my favorite pieces created by Jessica:


top: Jessica Elliot Gold “Use Your Words” Bracelets $65; Jessica Elliot Gold Iron Charm Bracelet $235; Jessica Elliot Gold “Use Your Words” Necklace $70; all @ Max & Chloe.

bottom: Jessica Elliot Gold Iron Ornate Lariat $102; Jessica Elliot Gold Long Iron Clover 3-Way Necklace $305; Jessica Elliot Gold Wrought Iron Cuff $245; all @ Max & Chloe.

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