Three childhood friends, Sara Moffat, Teo Griscom and Riley Salyards are behind the Brooklyn based sustainable clothing label, Jackson, Johnson & Roe. The clothing is produced locally in NYC using organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen and “peace silk” (a process where worms are not harmed and the silk is dyed with immune-enhancing indigo dye). Buttons are made from recycled paper, wood, and the renewable Brazilian nut Corozo. Even the necklaces featured in their lookbooks are made by an artist using materials from old baseballs.

The Spring 2010 collection has a relaxed vibe that I love, easy shirt dresses, indigo rompers, and plaid tailored shorts. I am also intrigued by the swimwear featured in the collection.

The line is available at boutiques such as Bird & Jumelle. Visit Jackson, Johnson, & Roe to view the entire Spring 2010 lookbook and a full list of retailers.

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