i am known to be quite stubborn, so it is no surprise to anyone around me that when al roker delivers a weather forecast i’m not exactly fond of, i am instantly convinced that he is wrong!! even after i receive 2nd & 3rd opinions that confirm that inclement weather will be thrust upon the city, i refuse to accept it. once i break out my spring wardrobe, i can’t bear the thought of returning to my winter duds. doing that would be surrendering to mother nature and admitting defeat! the terrorists would win! (oh wait, i’m confusing my issues aren’t i!?) you know what i mean, though! giving me one warm sunny day, and then returning to frigid weather is just plain CRUEL! i just can’t wait to wear my bubble print proenza schouler for target jacket, and after seeing all the spring/summer adorableness currently available at jcrew, i just don’t know how long i can resist wearing my spring gear! i might need a bahamavention or something if al roker doesn’t turn things around in a timely manner. mr. roker, you’re on your final warning! anyway, onwards to cute things at jcrew…that will cheer warm me up!

spring/summer apparel:




{l to r, top to bottom}: Phoebe printed peep-toe heels $228.00;
Marianne espadrilles
was $118.00 now $98.00; Calf-hair Capri sandals $68.00; Phoebe printed peep-toe ballet flats $198.00; @ jcrew

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  1. monique
    March 5, 2007 at 6:59 pm (11 years ago)

    i enjoy your page a lot. i am visiting nyc from london in a couple weeks so am using your page as a source of reference on where to go! so thanks!