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read Cathy’s piece: “Fashion Is Two Clicks Behind” New York Times, December 22, 2005

my thoughts on this issue:

a lot has changed in fashion, but the rate they are changing is the problem. the heart of the matter is simple. the number of fashion bloggers out there is growing by the minute. these bloggers have a vested interest in the industry and have the potential to give designers access to a greater audience. this access amounts to free advertising (YAY!). i realize the part about it being free is scary for a lot of companies, given that they will have little to no control over the material. but, the fact that advertisers control so much of the content we see in the top fashion magazines is SCARY, and is just one more reason why serious blogging as a medium is superior. there are some truly professional independent bloggers out there that are serious about what they do. i understand that the internet can sometimes be equated to a bathroom wall where anyone can write anything of their choosing. the majority of the information posted on the internet could be complete nonesense, but there are serious independent bloggers out there that post quality information on a daily basis, and should not be ignored!!! this is why i believe that focused independent communities like coutorture are the best way to weed through the numerous fashion & shopping blogs floating around in cyberspace. these communties make it easier for 1) readers to find relevant & interesting information & 2) allow companies/designers/pr people to find serious bloggers to offer feedback on, or promote their products/services/events.

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