Today, and every day for the past month in new york I have been exceedly frustrated with my everyday handbag. While it is a structured, leather, medium sized doctor bag that is in excellent condition, i have found that it is actually difficult to manage especially if your hands are full on the subway or on the street. sometimes I find it diffcult to open it without setting it down for fear of everything falling out! I thought it was a practical purchase, and it was from a professional standpoint, but it is not a good bag for shopping at all!! When I am scouring the streets of new york for fab fashion finds it isn’t practical at all! So, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to buy a new bag, and it will be absolutely fabulous. It may even be my BIG purchase. But the practical, logical, part of me is telling me to take my time to find the perfect bag, and is keeping me from going out on a whim to buy the “now” bag! I want to avoid any buyers remorse, and any scenarios in which I would be forced to scrounge for change in the couch.

I haven’t decided what type of bag I want, however I do know it has to be on the larger side. I might even wait for Lucky Shops or a kick ass sample sale find to cross my path. For now I am just looking for a bag to hold me over on my shopping days.

I love this mono bag, which would be perfect for those saturday afternoons or walking my sophie on the streets of ny.

Circle-Handle Tote bag with a soft gathered handle.
Includes a zipper pocket inside with dividers for your credit cards cell phone, i-pod, etc.

$139 mono bag @ stars & infinite darkness

Do any of you bag crazed shoppers have any recommendations for me?? Any sales going on that I should check out? Any emerging handbag designers that might solve my little dilemma??? Let me know by emailing or leaving comments here!!

3 Comments on In Need of Some Bag Therapy

  1. Anonymous
    October 10, 2006 at 6:57 pm (11 years ago)

    Also try the Anna Corrina tote bag.

  2. daddylikeyblog
    October 13, 2006 at 8:34 am (11 years ago)

    I love that black bag!!