whew! i made it through another crazy fashion week. there is zero time in between shows, and juggling between off-site shows and the happenings at the tent is not for the light hearted! i would have been lost without my excel spreadsheet, my blackberry, and of course all the photos & videos the folks over at coutorture kindly provided thanks to shopstyle’s sponsorship. i also appreciated the contributions made by elle magazine with their fantastic video footage!

my fashion week was smooth sailing for the most part, but being that i have a staff of me, myself, and i, there is still a backlog to be dealt with and those collection reviews & reports will be forthcoming.

in addition, this past week was slim on celeb sightings compared to my previous fashion week experiences. rihanna, nicole richie, joel madden, aubry o’day of danity kane, the adorable rachel bilson, rachel zoe, sienna miller, rachel weisz, harry connick jr., britney spears, and anna wintour were among the notable celebs that i caught a glimpse of. there were a lot of events happening in warmer climates, so i imagine that kept a lot of the other l.a. folk away from the frigid nyc. as luck would have it, it feels a lot warmer in nyc today as things are returning back to the status quo, and i am nice and warm in my new york city office.

as for the fashion itself, there were some fabulous & inspired collections, but new york times magazine had an article on the 4th titled, “whatever happened to now?” , that in, my view, sums up the current state of the fashion union. this past week did not break this trend in fashion. for example, marc jacobs presented a gorgeous collection inspired by the 1930s, and designers such as jerry tam of form presented a futuristic collection that resembled protective armor at gen art’s new garde fashion presentation. we live in an age where what people are wearing on the streets rarely resembles the clothing being shown on the runway. if you need proof of this, look no further than the many blogs around the world that are dedicated to street style! so, as far as the runway is concerned, the “now” seems to be lost. this may even be a moot point as so many new york city girls are running around in mod shift dresses, and with zippers adorning the ankles of their jeans because these recycled fashion trends make the future seem like an abstract idea. modern trends are cyclical and appear to be more tightly wound. as a result, the idea of dressing a modern day woman seems to escape us all. i am just typing out loud, what are your thoughts?

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