Effie Trinket, Hunger Games via Capitol Couture
I am a bit obsessed with the Hunger Games and have been eagerly awaiting the film starring the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, but more recently I’ve been intrigued by the stunning Elizabeth Banks’ turn as Effie Trinket. In previews she looks pretty freaky, sort of the Lady Gaga of the Capitol, if you will.  In anticipation of the film, the first issue of Capitol Couture has launched and features character profiles, images, and style & beauty tidbits inspired by the film.  Elizabeth’s character favors over the top beauty fashion choices as do many of the Capitol’s citizens. Capitol Couture highlights a few of the looks including some of the shoes spotted in and around the Capitol including a gold pair of Alexander McQueen booties worn by Effie herself in the film:
Images via Capitol Couture
Additionally, China Glaze will be launching a new line of nail polishes in March to coincide with the March 23rd release of The Hunger Games. The Colours From The Capitol collection features 12 shades and will be available at retailers including Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. Check them out below:
{top} Dress Me Up; Foie Gras; Fast Track; Hook and Line; Stone Cold; Smoke and Ashes; 
{bottom} Agro;  Mahogany Magirc; Harvest Moon; Riveting; Electrify; Luxe and Lush
This is certainly a Hunger Games inspired collection, but the Capitol is flashy, so I half excepted more spring colors thrown in and less neutral hues. Riveting is the only one that reads spring/summer to me, but they are all lovely and they get the mood of the story. Harvest Moon & Electrify are already on my wish list as I think they would look nicely paired together. I never fail to be drawn to glitter!

In the meantime, get your Hunger Games fix over at Capitol Couture’s tumblr page

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