{image via shinygloss.tv}

After the full Heatherette for M.A.C. collection hit ebay for a ridiculous price nearly two months before the limited collection hit stores, the blogosphere went crazy with speculation. Until now, we really only had the ebay pictures (see below)

{photo via: diamond*tears on ebay}

Who was the rebel that posted the item? Now there seems to be a whole slew of them. Everyone seems to be posting photos of colors and key looks from the collection in beauty forums. I admit it, I was highly intrigued. If you can’t wait to view the collection, color palettes, and up close looks of the collection in all its glory, head over to the Spektra Beauty Forums, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and all that, because BlueAngel1023 has the hookup.

Note: I did not receive the collection, but I do plan to purchase a few shades from the tacky glam collection come March 27th when it hits beauty counters.

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