Being a HUGE fan of Hayden-Harnett lush leather handbags (especially the Paule Marrot editions) I was thrilled when HH launched an apparel line. While the spring line had a distinct bohemian feel, the fall line takes a more structured approach with the lovely leather jackets that come naturally to HH and of course the FANTASTIC printed capes & trenches! The printed capri coin purses are also a favorite of mine and will make the PERFECT stocking stuffer this holiday season! Here are a few of my favorite styles from HH this season!

GWENIEVERE Wool Cape, Plaid $398;

KRISTY Trench Coat, Geoprint $375;

BARDOT Leather Jacket, Luggage $690

RIZZO Motorcycle Jacket, Black $670;

STELLA Overcoat, Black $350;

ESTELLE Pea Coat, Jalapeno $425

ANABELLA Hooded Wool Coat, Charcoal $495;

BIBA Mini Dress, Eggplant $377; EDIE Bib Sheath Dress, Black $178 ;

VARGAS A-Line Chain Bag, Haze $453;

Orsay Satchel by hayden-harnett
$335; Sonia Toteby hayden-harnett $540 both @ active endeavors;

Beatrice Satchel by hayden-harnett
$485; Pallenberg Duffel by hayden-harnett $475 both @ active endeavors;

REESE Handknit Crochet Necklace, Taupe $120.00 $98.40 @ hayden-harnett; Bungalow Wallet by hayden-harnett $150 @ active endeavors;

Capri Coin Purses $28

LOUVRE Coin Purse, Plum $78; Capri Coin Purse in Tweed $28;

Capri Coin Purses $28

View more styles from Hayden-Harnett here!

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