Today is my birthday, and is the day I consider the official start to the New Year! I mean why start a New Year’s diet on Jan. 1st if it means you have to refuse your own birthday treats in 10 days? It seems a bit wrong doesn’t it? That has been my logic and it hasn’t failed me yet! 2011 was an amazing year, I traveled to lovely tropical destinations, married my boyfriend of eight years, caught up with old friends, and crossed off several must-dos on my list of things to do before my next birthday! Here is my list of 30 things to do before my next birthday! 1) have fun! 2) save money even though that is never very fun. 3) buy a home 4) read 20 books 5) revisit the classics 6) eat healthier 7) cook dinner more often 8) drink less caffeine 9) take up yoga 10) run a marathon (hopefully I will get into the NYC marathon this year!) 11) buy a bike, and ride it often 12) knit my future niece or nephew cute baby items 13) knit myself a sweater 14) draw and paint more often 15) watch one old movie each month 16) visit the west coast 17) take a summer trip to Portland, Maine 18) go running on the beach 19) expand my record collection 20) visit Paris 21) learn how to make macarons 22) go on a photobooth scavenger hunt (with props in hand) 23) Take my cameras out and snap away 24) develop my film, upload photos, and organize them 25) go apple picking 26) bake an apple pie with said apples 27) volunteer at an animal shelter 28) work on a gallery wall of my paintings, drawings, photos and favorite art 29) spend quality time with my husband, beagle, family, and friends 30) carry over at least one of these “resolutions” to next years list! (an inevitability, no?)

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    January 11, 2012 at 9:21 am (6 years ago)


    And great list yes!