‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak was one of my favorite books from childhood. So last Halloween (when I was well into my third trimester) my husband and I agreeed that it would be adorable to dress our little boy as ‘Max’ on his first Halloween. Is it silly to plan a Halloween costume that far in ahead? Possibly! But I just couldn’t help myself. I purchased his costume from Pottery Barn in the 12-24 month size, and hoped it wouldn’t be ginormous on him. I tried it on him, and I swear he just owned the part of ‘Max’. So in honor of my favorite wild thing & in homage to the wonderful Maurice Sendak illustrations I painted ‘Max’ and a ‘Wild Thing’ on two of our medium sized pumpkins. They were a lot of fun to paint, and I tried to capture as much as the extraordinary detail in his illustrations in a quick acrylic painting on a pumpkin as reasonably possible. Where The Wild Things Are Painted Pumpkins Our Pumpkins Halloween 2013 Q with his pumpkins

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