A few weeks ago I was contacted by Misikko to review a HANA Salon product. I typically do not use flat irons, so I opted to review the Hair Dryer, a styling tool that is essential to my hair’s existence ever since I cut bangs in my hair. If I don’t blow out my hair, it dries flat and my bangs look stringy and annoying cowlicks reign supreme. It isn’t a good look to say the least. I have tried countless dryers ranging from drugstore faves, the professional consumer variety, and the whatever is lying around variety.
HANAair hair dryer packaging (and HANAair Shine Shield Therapy)
My first impression was positive, the dryer was packaged in a nice box with a single concentrator attachment. The concentrator attachment is perfect for me because I typically dry my hair with a round brush and like to concentrate the air on those sections giving me a smooth, sleek look. Gals with curly or wavy hair would probably prefer to have a diffuser in there as well, but the single attachment was great for me. The dryer has two fan speeds, three heat settings and a cold shot button. The dryer was easy to handle. It wasn’t too heavy, and the concentrator attachment stayed firmly on while drying. I was constantly knocking off the concentrator attachment off my old dryer, so this was an immediate improvement.
Having a bit of fun testing out the dryer
I was impressed by how powerful the dryer was, the air was not joking around. I wasn’t impressed by how hot the dryer got, I mean it is hot, but even the dryers at my gym are probably hotter.  Because of my hairs lack of thickness & the fact it is naturally straight the dryer’s sheer power was able to dry my hair with great speed despite the fact the dryer didn’t come close to getting as hot as my other dryers. I have a friend who has went through tons of professional hair dryers and will judge them simply based on how hot they get. She has a ton of thick, curly hair, so for her, heat is really essential especially if she is blowing her hair out straight. I doubt this dryer would meet her requirements for those reasons.
My weapon of choice
This is an excellent dryer for someone like me who wants to blow out their hair as fast as possible with a sleek, non-frizzy look with a little bit of volume at the roots. It would even be good for someone with medium-thick hair or anyone with slight waves. If you’re looking for hellish heat this isn’t for you, but otherwise it is an excellent choice if you are willing to make a decent investment in a hair styling tool. The dryer is available for $195 (but typically retails for $335).
The final results after blowing my hair out with the HANAair dryer.

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