I love the idea of having a politically incorrect halloween party in which everyone dresses up as something making a politically incorrect statement. The chubby guy wearing a shirt that says “I beat Anorexia”, someone dressed as Mark Foley w/ the underage page, or the S&M nun, are some of the ideas that I have heard floating around. Unfortunately, I will not be attending a party like this, but instead have been trying to think of a costume that isn’t too slutty and is somewhat original. My original costume idea was to be a referree. This was easy…the idea isn’t original, and the costume isn’t hard to put together or convey, so I was all about it. I didn’t want to look too boyish in a baggy referree costume, but while scouring the Abracadabra Superstore downtown I quickly realized, that purchasing a more girl oriented costume would place me in the “Dress Like A Whore Day” crowd. I actually don’t have a problem with other girls approaching the holiday like this, but I personally don’t feel comfortable walking around with next to nothing on & freezing my ass off. Another bad sign is that there was only one sexy referee costume left, meaning that nearly every girl in new york was dressing as a sexy ref.

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” -Cady (voiceover), Mean Girls

In the past I have avoided looking like a total slut. My past costumes have included a Trashy Britney Spears (complete with a Fedora, Chanel sunglasses, a Trashy “Trust Me I’m A Virgin” T-shirt, jeans, cheetos, and “Kori”, her step daughter), Anna Kornikova (tennis outfit & tennis racket with my friend dressed like Enrique), and of course the unforgettable Foosball costume:

We had the uniforms, and had cut loops through our pants to fit the poles through. The costume made it difficult to navigate through the bars given that we were literally attached at the hip (we had to constantly take the costume apart to DRIVE, Go to the bathroom etc.). We had to learn to move as a team. For instance, if one person jumped their pants would likely come down, or if the person leading through the crowds stopped and the others pushed them forward the pole would likely jam into someone thereby pissing a stranger off. On top of that most men were all about trying to spin the poles, steal or ball, kick our ball, get us to kick our ball, or as one group of guys succeeded in doing steal the pole (we had to actually go buy a new one midway through the night!). I don’t think we anticipated the logistical problems of this costume, but it was a big hit–it was downright hysterical, and was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on halloween. It is hard to top that…I don’t think it is possible for me personally.

In any event I’m going for another Pop Culture costume as they are dear to my heart. I decided I was going to be Mary, from There’s Something About Mary (one of my favorite movies). In this classic scene:

I am currently working on my WIG as it is instrumental. It essentially is my costume. I am wearing the wig with a red dress. I purchased a platinum blonde bobbed wig, but have to shape & style it myself to make it work. The wig guy who was really nice and helpful, told me it was going to be a BITCH, but to use a shitload of AQUANET and it should work. I also cut the wig to make it easier for myself, and after teasing it, spraying it, and teasing it some more It stayed over night, and I am so happy that it is working.

Anyway, I just hope it works out and that people get it! 🙂 Have A Happy Halloween Everyone! If you are looking for things to do in NYC check out New York Magazine’s 2006 Halloween Guide I will be attending the Halloween Party sponsored by Coutorture @ Fredericks

3 Comments on Halloween Preparation

  1. Frannie Farmer
    October 29, 2006 at 2:54 am (11 years ago)

    That is too darned funny. That is also one of my favorite movies.
    Alas, Frannie and Co. will be having a polically correct Halloween … dang!

  2. TessaJ
    October 29, 2006 at 10:17 pm (11 years ago)

    Ha ha ha! That will be too funny. I so love the politically incorrectness of Halloween.

  3. Vanessa
    October 30, 2006 at 12:29 pm (11 years ago)

    Anyone know when Bluefly is doing their next sweepstakes? I see that LuxCouture has a sweepstakes for a Giorgio Brato handbag at http://www.luxcouture.com/sweepstakes/

    Any other good sweepstakes out there? It helps with the holiday shopping list, so figured I’d start some postings on it so we can share info (sure we’re competing against each other but hey, we all improve chances of winning something when we know about them).