The braided headband is one of my favorite styles because it is so incredibly versatile. I wear my hair like this when I’m heading to the gym, working, running errands or when I’m out on the town.  I switch up the placement, add curls, volume, or a other elements but this video will show you how I create the essential style element.

I use a reverse style french braid to create this look, use these steps:

(Optional) Add product to prep your hair (I opted out in this video)

1) Section off your hair so you are left with the hair in front (from your part to behind your ear)

2) Separate your hair with three small sections and begin a standard braid (crossing the right section over the center and then the left section over that piece bringing it to the middle)

3) Now instead of adding hair to each side as you would with a standard french braid, add a small section of hair to the middle section…

4) Now take the front section under the middle section and the back section under what is now the middle section

5) Add a small amount of hair to the middle section, take the front section under the middle section followed by the back section….

6) Keep repeating this pattern while you pull the braid in the direction you want to take the braid. (I took mine from my front part to behind my ear).

7) Tie off the braid with a clear elastic band at the desired length

8) Secure the braid back with a bobby pin

9) From there the styling is completely up to you! Wear it simply, with a pony, another braid, curls, or a sultry up-do. The possibilities are endless!

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