The selection over at Bird this month has gotten a lot better when it comes to non-clothing items! From the jewelry to the Tamar Mogendorff creations I find myself wishing I could retrieve my letter to Santa and rewrite a whole new list! For those of you still looking for precious gift ideas consider these lovely items:

{top} Mociun friendship cord necklace $90; Max Steiner Design gold origami crane necklace $750; Atsuyo et Akiko j’adore 14k gold heart necklace $315; Tamar Mogendorff large peacock $595; Etten Eller small watch move plate necklace $280; all @ Bird

{middle} Dolphin 2009 hand printed calendar $60; Sarah McGuire large montana sapphire ring $595; Saipua traveler’s soap $12; all @ Bird

{bottom}Tamar Mogendorff fabric owl $120; Tamar Mogendorff large pinecone $295; Sarah McGuire montana sapphire studs $530; Vaubel hammered gold hinged cuff $750; all @ Bird

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