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I have been using Goodreads for sometime now…logging books I’ve read, posting occassional reviews, and browsing the reviews posted by friends & strangers alike. I found the website to be an extremely useful tool, so I was thrilled to see that they added a book swap element to the website. The book swap feature works like this:

1) members indicate what books they would be willing to swap
2) members browse books that are available to swap & select one they want to receive
3) the recipient of the book pays for shipping
4) the owner ships the book
5) the recipient enjoys a good read for the cost of shipping only!

Today, I shipped three of my books out to three different Goodreads members, and have requested three different books in return! 🙂 Hopefully everyone will enjoy their new books, including me! 🙂

Sign up & start swapping here.

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