After the controversy surrounding Harper’s Bazaar cover of the very pregnant & very nude Britney Spears being displayed in Tokyo I found these photos to be particularly amusing. Initially, Tokyo officials wanted this Britney photo to be censored, but eventually caved to public pressure & decided to allow the photo, and Britney in all her naked glory. NYC subway stations aren’t nearly as colorful or racy these days.

photos via: Britney Zone Posted by Picasa

1 Comment on Good Morning Tokyo From Britney

  1. nao
    September 1, 2006 at 3:23 pm (11 years ago)

    I live near Omotesando and I saw this big briteny thing,too! As a female, i like it a lot actually.Well people in Japan have different point of view towards to Briteny; she is still a super super pop singer icon from USA. So must be a bit shocking for japanese people who used to think she is actually the one who was forever-innocent-oops!i-did-it-again-piggy-tailed little girl.

    BTW I love your blog! keep it real;)nao in tokyo