These are just the thing a girl needs when she is perfecting the fine details of mr. snowman or while she is window shopping in the icy winter weather!:

top: Convertible Gloves $19.50 @; deep winter mittens $78 @ anthropologie; dorset pullover mittens in pink or chartreuse $48 @ anthropologie;

middle: Marled Convertible Gloves $18.00 @ urban outfitters; Cable 4 Button Fingerless Gloves
$16.00 @ urban outfitters; Cable Knit Arm Warmers $18.00 @ urban outfitters; Kitschy Icon Mittens (hearts) $16.00 @ urban outfitters

bottom: Kitschy Icon Mittens $16.00 (ice cream cones…to beat the icy winter temps!) Juicy Couture Velvet Bow and Pin Gloves $65 @ shopbop; Multistripe Dream convertible gloves $28.00 @ jcrew; Convertible Gloves $19.50 @;

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