yesterday, i hit an all time low. after work i went home, walked sophie, checked the mail, checked my email, and then fed sophie. blah blah blah. it was a typical day in the life of me. until something horrible happened. i spotted the girl scout cookies! now, i didn’t buy the girl scout cookies. i didn’t place them in the kitchen. see my boyfriend’s niece is a girl scout and she sells these cookies and he feels obligated to buy them. he bought two boxes one samoas and another of dosie dos. i really only like thin mints and samoas, but yesterday the do-si-dos caught me off guard, i tasted one, then another, and then i thought oh just one more, until i had polished off the entire box. i lost count how many i ate…but i know i ate one complete row and then some. of course the first thing out of my boyfriend’s mouth when he got home was, “hey, what happened to the do-si-dos ?!” and as i hung my head in shame i said “i ate them” even though i wanted to blame sophie. he was laughing hysterically, and then of course lightheartedly accused me of being lazy for not walking accross the street to get some real food for dinner. (i suppose he has a point there!) my boyfriend also said he had only eaten one out of the box, but i can only hope he is lying because that would mean i ate the whole entire box minus one cookie in one sitting. that is just disgusting. this may go without saying, but i was sick the rest of the night…like a kid who eats too much after a sleep over birthday party. clearly, i fell victim to an evil marketing ploy put into motion by those sweet looking girl scouts. they even have a myspace page to sell their devil’s food. i’m telling you, those girl scouts are bad news! my advice to you, stay away from those evil girl scouts selling those cookies, nothing good can come of it! i learned my lesson the hard way!!! đŸ™‚

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