Poor Sophie got sick LATE last night. We have no idea what caused it, but she was getting sick and was seemingly having trouble breathing. She was licking everything in sight…the floors, walls, whatever. If that doesn’t make you sick I don’t know what will. As my boyfriend manned the computer & phones, I tried to comfort her as best I could rubbing her back & belly & just kept her from licking anything other than my hand & the air. I just kept making her drink water in hopes that whatever it was that was making her sick, or was catching in her throat would come out one way or the other. I have never in my life seen anything like it! She later paid a visit to the doggy emergency room, but they really couldn’t figure out what was causing her to get sick. They did blood work, checked her out, gave her some meds, and told us to give her pedialyte in her water to help replace her lost fluids. The visit seemed to have helped, because she came home, crawled into bed with me and was totally fine. The three of us are beyond tired today, but it looks like Sophie will be back to her old self again in no time!

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