I am a tech junkie at heart, so in the interest of staying true to myself I have been gathering up some fun new toys to keep me entertained. Some of my most recent purchases have been tech & photography related. One being the Diana + Dreamer that I couldn’t resist snatching up at Urban Outfitters, & the Flip Video Mino in black which I purchased in hopes of being a You Tube sensation (ha!), and now I have my eyes set on the Polaroid PoGo! The Polaroid PoGo is a mini mobile printer that in effect brings the instant gratification of Polaroid cameras to the digital age. This mini printer appeals to me because it is compatible with my cell phone and would be a great tool for journaling & gathering inspiration and placing it in my sketchbook 🙂

Flip Video Mino $159.99 @ Best Buy; Polaroid PoGo $149.99 @ Target;

I will never be bored again!

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