You knew the “Free Paris” tees were coming didn’t you? I’ve already seen some diy “Free Paris” shirts on myspace! Personally, I think a “Don’t Free Paris” shirt is more appropriate. I don’t wear t-shirts very often, but in this case I think a pink “don’t free paris” tee might be in my future. Whether you’re a fan of Ms. Hilton (I know there are some of you out there!), or not please see below for the latest version of the “free paris” tees:

don’t free paris tee via gawker $18.99; free paris tee via wackey planet $12.95;
free paris tee (available in other colors) $21.99; diy free paris tee as seen on myspace;

Then there is this very appropriate tee complete with a spelling/grammatical error only Paris would approve of :

Jails is not hot! Free Paris! available @ Cafe Press

I’m sure there are some better ones in the works right this minute. I’ll keep you posted!

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