i was relunctantly walking my beagle, Sophie, at 6 am this Saturday morning and as we were crossing a street near a school playground i spotted a pink paper heart lying on the street amongst discarded trash, leftover slush, and god knows what else. the heart was in pretty good shape besides being wet with a slight muddy water stain. the front is colored with crayon and says “my heart is yours” and is signed by “Alex R” it looks as though the kid tried to write it first but then a teacher wrote over it in black (the exclamation point was completed with a heart)

i find the back of the heart to be far more interesting. alex wrote his/her own name (confirming my first thoughts about the teacher) and a hysterical drawing on the back of the heart…the first person has “dad” written over the top of his head. dad clearly has a unibrow and crazy hair. i’m not sure who the other character is…that person is bald and is holding either a doll or a baby… could it be BRITNEY SPEARS??? nah, the eyebrows are too thick… anyway I thought it was really cute so I thought I would share it with you.


I also sent it to found magazine, because I thought the kid’s drawing was pretty funny. Oh and for the record I was just joking about the Derek Zoolander thing…I wasn’t trying to insult the kiddie so please no pissed off comments about my post title. 🙂

Have A Great Weekend!!

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