Me with my beloved Nikon

My Nikon DSLR has been my constant travel companion over the past few years. It is frequently accompanied by least one toy or film camera and a few different lens options.  Blame it on my wanderlust, or my tendency to over pack, but I have been in desperate need of a camera bag that A) protects my gear & B) isn’t too terribly bulky or ugly to carry.  I also would love to have a new camera strap as I still have the black Nikon strap that came with my camera. Sure, the black Nikon strap has served its purpose for many years, but a little color never hurt anyone.  Check out some of the camera bags and straps I am currently coveting below!
Kelly Moore Camera Bags:
These bags were made for a girl like me in mind. When I first spied them at Adorama, I couldn’t believe they were camera bags!  The bags come in a variety of colors and are made out of man-made water resistant materials and have padded, removable, adjustable dividers. Not only will my gear fit in these, but it will be protected and I’ll look GOOD carrying it:  

Juju Bag {inside} JuJu Bag $250; B-Hobo Bag $169, B-Hobo Bag {inside}; all @ Kelly Moore.

Libby Bag $249,Libby Bag {inside}; Boy Bag $199, Boy Bag {inside}; all @ Kelly Moore.

HighKey Camera Straps:
These camera straps come in a variety of color and patterns and cost $30 (unless noted otherwise). If you are so inclined you can have a custom strap made as well. Some of my favorite colors/patters are below:

Maybe if I give my camera a makeover I will resist the urge to purchase a new one… 🙂 We’ll see how long that lasts!

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