I have been immersing myself in wedding related reading like every newly engaged girl should, and during the course of my “research” I discovered a fabulous d.i.y. guide to creating gorgeous fabric flower hair pins, in where else, but Martha Stewart Weddings.

I grew up constantly browsing the fabric section with my mom, and it wasn’t until I saw this guide that I have had the urge to re-vist the fabric shop. I can’t wait to try my hand at this d.i.y. project! Of course, not all of us have the time or energy to give it a go, so if you count yourself in that category don’t fear, I have just the thing for you. Enter Handle & Spout.

PBL has covered countless companies and designers that create gorgeous headbands and hair pins that cover your every possible style need ranging from every-day casual to belle of the ball. Handle & Spout sets itself apart from our other features with their quirky charm. With metallic nesting dolls and mustache designs on their earring packaging, and chain necklaces in addition to gorgeous floral hair pins and headbands what is there not to love?!

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