i have received some fabulous birthday gifts, but this one might just be my favorite. Tricia Guild, founder of the Designers Guild has compiled a book exploring the history of pattern. She demonstrates how pattern can be incorporated into just about any setting shows through the use of gorgeous original photography. of all the design books i own, this may be my favorite. it is truly a visual treat:

Tricia Guild Pattern: Using Pattern to Create Sophisticated, Show-stopping Interiors $27.60 @ amazon

i have been very inspired by print, pattern, & COLOR recently and have been trying to incorporate both into my wardrobe as well as my home decor. a couple weeks ago, i was shopping with my boyfriend and happened to be debating over a beautiful patterned tunic. i made the mistake of asking his opinion, because he immediately shot it down stating it had “one bright color too many”. i honestly wish i had a picture of the tunic…the primary color was GRAY…and had the tiniest hint of a bright green in the floral pattern. at the time i was wearing a bright blue rebecca beeson top, so i immediately went on the defensive, but he reassured me what i was wearing because it was a SOLID bright color. i knew right then and there that i had asked the wrong person. his favorite color is NAVY. with the exception of a striped button down thrown in, his wardrobe is completely void of bright colors or patterns. this is the same individual who specifically requested that we only hang black & white paintings & photographs in our living room. it is almost like he is allergic to both color & pattern. needless to say, i have an uphill battle, but i have a ton of inspiration lying in front of me so I should have no excuse!

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