I am a bit what you would classify a print-a-holic. I am constantly buying & hanging art prints in my home. Etsy of course is where I find the majority of prints currently adorning my walls, and lately I’ve been looking to update my walls a bit. Below you will find my current favorite etsy items from thirteen very talented artists. Be sure to bookmark their shops if you don’t already have them in your web roll!

Groundwork by Danna Ray:

{clockwise} Good Company – limited edition print $28; Giving $20; Ferns $20; New Growth $20; all by Danna Ray.

Lindsay Brackeen:

A Feather For Her Hair ORIGINAL by Lindsay Brackeen $100; A Flower For Her Hair ORIGINAL by Lindsay Brackeen $80.

Amelia Mae:

a disclosure – print (tan) by Amelia Mae $15.

Dan-ah Kim:

All My Vices Come To Hunt Me $35; I Kept Missing Your Train $35; Heart is Deceitful $20; all by Dan-ah Kim.


left: munjoy hill archival print $18; bloom, pollinate – archival print $18;
right: 280 archival print $18; all by swallowfield.

The Black Apple:

top: The Unspooling Print $18; Mary and Mitten Print $18;
bottom: Chipmunk Coiffure Print $18; Bjork Girl Print $18; all by Emily Martin of The Black Apple.

I also want this handmade doll from the Black Apple…

{image via Ordinary Forest}
This would be beyond perfect as a Christmas gift for my niece! Check out The Black Apple’s shop update this Thursday at 6pm EST 🙂 (I can’t wait to see what more Emily has to offer!).

Roadside Projects:

PRINT- The Trapeze Twins $14 by Jayme McGowan.


{clockwise} Lemon Yellow Citrus Birds Signed Open Edition Giclee Original Art Print (A4 Paper Size) $18; Beige Crochet Tree Signed Open Edition Original Digital Giclee Art Print $18; Chartreuse Green Fantail Birds Signed Open Edition Giclee Original Art Print (A4 Paper Size) $18; Red Owl Signed Open Edition Giclee Original Art Print (A4 Paper Size) $18; all by Sugarloop.

Chris Piascik:

Gocco Print combo pack 1 (3 prints, 3 different sayings) $25 by Chris Piascik.

Ashley G.:

The Subtle Sea $20; Let’s Stay Home $20; both by Ashley G.

2009 Calendars:

1) I am obsessed with Jessica Gonacha’s prints. I seriously should make it a mission to buy more of her work. I might just have to start with this fabulous calendar. I adore the rounded edges & lovely typography! Simply perfection…

2009 calendar- SMALL version by Jessica Gonacha $20;

August is my favorite…

Jessica Gonacha 2009 Calendar (Large Size) $30


This calendar would look great in a kid’s room!

But I could also see myself carrying the mini version around with me in my purse!

Be Happy Now 2009 Calendar (small size $17; medium size $30) @ Be Happy Now.


2009 Turtle Papers Wall Calendar – Preorder $18 (Ships Sept. 29th) @ Turtle Papers.

1 Comment on Etsy Favorites

  1. Maia Dobson
    March 28, 2012 at 9:32 am (6 years ago)

    You have an excellent taste with these hanging arts. I personally like the calendars because it would give me such inspiration to organize my schedule if I have those in my room.