Erin Fetherston’s Fall collection was entitled “Tinderbox”, seemingly inspired by the Danish fairy tale by of the same name. The fairytale, written by Hans Christian Andersen opens with a soldier retrieving a magic tinderbox from a hollow tree at the demand of a witch. The tinderbox is capable of summoning the three dogs guarding the chambers of the hollow tree to do the soliders bidding. In turn he uses the the powers of the tinderbox to summon the princess who is kept under lock and key in a tower in a nearby town.   

Borrowing themes from fairy tales is definitely Fetherston’s cup of tea, and this particular story would explain the witching hour hats.  The rest of  collection was very jewel-box dancer  with full skirted mini-dresses, jackets, bows, bows, and more bows. The color palette was kept simple with black, white, lavender, maroon, and metallic accents.

Watch the looks on the runway:

{images via Coutorture}

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