On trips to visit my family, such as the one i am about to embark on (YAY!), there is always someone (usually one of my aunts) who remarks about my taste for terribly high and uncomfortable shoes. these very family members probably wouldn’t believe me in the least bit if i were to tell them that i have a closet filled with ballet flats. i really think that they picture me struting around new york city in platforms. not to say i don’t do that on occasion, but my everyday shoe apparel is much more sensible than what my dear family members envision. despite the fact that i am vertically challenged (5’4) i constantly wear flats (especially to and from work, and on my FREQUENT shopping trips). as a result of this constant wear and tear on my flats it seems I always have a serious need to buy more. i will wear my favorite flats until there are holes in the bottom or until they are soo incredibly stretched out that my lovely flats will simply REFUSE to stay on my foot any longer! i guess i am just especially hard on my flats! I wear my ballet flats most often, and well like the majority of new yorkers i walk miles daily, so naturally, they are bound to wear out sooner rather than later! i have finally come to the point where i will have to lie to rest 2 of my favorite pairs this weekend (may they rest in peace!)…we’ve had some good times, lots of memories–they will be MISSED–but now i need to rush some replacements to my door!


row 1: Belle by Sigerson Morrison $278.95; Marc by Marc Jacobs $238.95; Belle by Sigerson Morrison $298.95; Belle by Sigerson Morrison $298.95; all @ zappos.com

row 2: Moschino M $553.95; Taryn Rose Butter $418.95; Delman Engage$328.95; Delman Wimbley $318.95; @ zappos.com

row 3: Pedro Garcia Ildara $453.95; Belle by Sigerson Morrison $273.95; French Sole Pearl $153.95; @ zappos.com

Animal Print:

row 1: Zigi NY Carmen $54.95; Steve Madden Tipie $73.95; Tyler Wildcat $99.95; @ zappos.com

row 2: Enzo Angiolini Edale $82.95; Kenneth Cole ReactionDancing Queen $82.95; Kenneth Cole Reaction Dancing Queen $82.95; @ zappos.com

row 3: Steven Persuade $99.95; Delman Welcome $378.95; Zigi NY Diane $40.95; @ zappos.com


row 1: Marc by Marc Jacobs $238.95; Delman Dana $241.95; Gabriella Rocha Bess $44.95;@ zappos.com

row 2: Zigi NY Chantelle $45.95; Zigi NY Cadence $55.95; Dolce Vita $89.95; @ zappos.com

row 3: Report Blushing $62.95; French Sole Pearl Patent flats $153.95; Steve MaddenKodetwo $74.95; @ zappos.com

1 Comment on Endlessly Searching For Cute Flats!

  1. ambika
    December 28, 2006 at 9:09 pm (11 years ago)

    My problem is that my flats end up being too flat. The wear shows up beyond the heel on the shoe itself. Sigh. I’m just so hard on my shoes.