Kate Spade continues to lure me in with gorgeous colors, prints, and vintage style. Here are six (more) things to love at Kate Spade:

top: boardwalk mexi dress $135; boardwalk apron dress $115;greta $175 (black only online);
off-the-hook calling card $15; saturday hair clip $55; riley $125; all @ kate spade;

Much to my delight, the Kate Spade design team is also continuing their love affair with books. Kate and Andy Spade share a lifelong love for books, so for Andy’s birthday Kate produced a film with Director Mike Mills that features children reading passages from some of Andy’s favorite books. The film is appropriately titled, “To Andy Love Katy”, and features the writing of J.D. Salinger, Amelia Earheart, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and many more. View the film Behind the Curtain, and get a sneak peak at what is on Kate Spade’s bookshelf!

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