The adorable Mandy Moore graces the cover of Elle’s second annual “Green issue”, which will be dedicated to environmental issues, eco-friendly fashions, and will be printed entirely on recycled paper!!!

Elle brought in Danny Seo, author of the “Simply Green” book series, and Laurie David, the founder of Stop Global Warming Virtual March, to serve as guest editors the issue. The magazine will feature interviews with celebs Orlando Bloom, Julia Roberts, Sheryl Crow, and will also allow you to glimpse at Stella McCartney’s new organic fashion collection. The mag will also recognize several people, institutions, and organizations who have been dedicated in helping the environment giving them a “green award”. (As I’m sure you already guessed, Al Gore will be one of the “green award” honorees.)

Pick it up a copy of the Elle’s May Green Issue when it hits newsstands on Tuesday!

Have A Happy Earth Day (April 22nd)!

It is easy to be go green!

1 Comment on Eco-Chic: Elle’s Green Issue

  1. Jennifer Marie Gerholdt
    April 12, 2007 at 1:47 pm (11 years ago)

    I commend Elle magazine for printing an issue entirely on recycled paper. However, Elle magazine can take one step further and switch to recycled paper for ALL their issues! There are many quality recycled papers that Elle magazine can choose from that fits their specifications. At the Magazine PAPER Project (, we are committed to providing FREE quality technical assistance and expertise to magazines interested in switching to recycled paper. Switching to recycled paper is THE number one thing a magazine can do to significantly reduce its negative environmental impact.

    There are currently 18,000 magazine titles out there, and only 100 of them are using environmentally responsible paper. More than 95% of all magazines contain ZERO recycled content. Each year a land mass larger than the state of Florida is cleared each year for magazine paper. The harmful paper and production practices for magazines contribute significantly to global warming and habitat destruction.

    Encourage your favorite magazines to go green, and to contact us at the PAPER Project to learn how they can get started!