Revlon lipsticks in Wild Orchid, Berry Haute, Blushing Mauve, & Stormy Pink (matte)
My last two experiences with Revlon lipstick (Orange Flip & Certainly Red) were enough to get me hooked. I decided to grab a few shades that spoke to me: Wild Orchid, Berry Haute, Stormy Pink, and Blushing Mauve. I was a little bit nervous about Berry Haute because it looked so very lavender in the tube, and pretty confident I would love the Matte Stormy Pink so long as it wasn’t overly drying. I was not disappointed in any of the instances, but Wild Orchid came out as a clear winner with Stormy Pink following close behind in 2nd place. My photos, swatches, comparsons and final thoughts are below:
Revlon Berry Haute Lipstick
Revlon Stormy Pink
Revlon Blushing Mauve & Wild Orchid lipsticks
Skin swatches: Berry Haute, Blushing Mauve, Wild Orchid, & Stormy Pink
Lip swatch: Berry Haute
Lip Swatch: Blushing Mauve
Lip Swatch: Wild Orchid
Stormy Pink Lip Swatch

Full Face Swatch: Berry Haute
Full Face Swatch: Blushing Mauve
Full Face Swatch: Wild Orchid

Full Face Swatch: Stormy Pink
Comparison Swatches: Berry Haute (bottom shade) vs. Most Popular (M.A.C.), Blushing Mauve  (bottom shade) vs. Pixel Pink (Lancome), Wild Orchid (bottom shade) vs Rare Exotic Mattene Lipstick (M.A.C.), Stormy Pink  (bottom shade) vs. Pink Champagne (Rimmel)
Comparison Swatches: Wild Orchid (left) vs Strayin (M.A.C.) Blushing Mauve (left) vs. Darling (Cover Girl)
Final thoughts:
Wild Orchid looks like it could be a dupe of M.A.C.’s Show Orchid, but I didn’t have it to compare. Wild Orchid was definitely the easiest to work with and trumped all of the shades as far as formula, opacity, and color pay-off. The finish really makes this shade pop setting it apart from the other bright pinks in my line up. While this shade isn’t something I would wear every day, it is a fun shade to break out on a gloomy day. 
Berry Haute applies pretty sheer, but is very moisturizing. If you’re looking for an opaque purple lipstick, this isn’t it. Being that I am fair skinned, I was actually pleasantly surprised with this shade. My berry lipsticks were much more red in comparison, and this read more of a blue based pink when on me.
Stormy Pink- If you are looking for a matte Barbie pink lipstick that would make Nicki Minaj weep, this is the one. I loved it so much, but I always did have a soft spot for Barbie! Of all the shades this one had the most staying power, but avoided being too dry for those of you who hate mattes. The finish reminded me of  the semi-matte mattene lipsticks M.A.C. put out. The only downside to this shade was that it settled into my lip lines a little bit.

Blushing Mauve- seems like a lovely every day shade and is easily dupeable. Looking at it again, it seems much more yellow based than I was expecting. It sort of reminds me of M.A.C.’s Gem of Roses, but stupidly I didn’t compare that in my swatches. I’ll have to update to know for sure! It is one of those shades you’ll either inadvertently reach for nearly every day or it will fall to the bottom of your cosmetics bag without ever touching it. There is no in between with these types of lipsticks, but everyone has to have one & only time will tell.  

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