Swatch of CoverGirl’s Lip Perfection Liner Pencil in Passion
It is no secret I love a red lip. I have tried countless shades, but am always trying to perfect the color and make it last as long as humanly possibly. I have long favored M.A.C.’s Cherry lip pencil, but thought it would be nice to seek out a drugstore pencil that could hold up to the challenge. After trying several that required more effort than they were worth, I found one that I absolutely love: CoverGirl’s Lip Perfection Liner Pencil in Passion (215). The liner goes on really smooth, and you don’t have to work to build up the color. Once on, the liner stays put, and really gives your choice shade of lipstick staying power throughout the day. The swatch above shows that the liner could possibly be worn on its own, maybe with a dab of gloss on top. Better yet it is only $7, half the price of my favorite dept. store liner!

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