After a week of polka-dot nails, I made quick change to coral with simple twist: gold stripes on my ring finger. I chose Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine nail color in Blazed as my base. I free handed three stripes on the nail of my ring finger with Art Club’s striping nail polish in gold.

The brush with the Art Club polish is very thin so I trusted that I could maintain a steady hand. If the polish you choose for the stripes has a standard brush, I recommend using an eyeliner brush or a very thin paint brush instead. For precise stripes I recommend slicing strips of scotch tape and placing on your nail. (make sure your base color is 100% dry before placing tape on your nail to prevent chipping. I typically place the tape on my skin first to pick up a bit of oil to make sure the tape doesn’t latch on to the polish like glue.) When you peel off the tape you’ll have clean stripes. Top off the look with some clear polish and you’re ready to go show off your diy mani!

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