Color-iffic Swap (Theme Red & Blue) from Laura:

there were endless amounts of cool things in this package, but it was packed so perfectly…i didn’t want to mess it up!!! laura went all out with the americana theme…my favorite items were the pillow case cover complete with HILLARIOUS TYPOS that laura pointed out…it was fun to search to find them…not that it was that difficult “BEAKE A CAKE!!!” is pictured above. Other items included a melon baller, a beaded necklace, a lady bug keychain, friendship embellishments, and a chocolate & strawberry candy bar that was delicious! THANKS LAURA!

Drawing & Painting Swap…received from Melissa:

this painting rocks my world! i adore these shoes! She wrote a message on the back saying these shoes were one of her fab vintage finds from years ago. This is being framed and will be displayed in my apartment because I love it so!!! 🙂 THANKS MELISSA!!!

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