For the past three years I have been knitting pretty frequently. Prior to that I knew only the basics of knitting (my skills were rusty at best), but I saw a blog post with a beautiful hand knit cowl and thought “why don’t I make that”! I started clicking away, and haven’t looked back. Often my projects are a bit too ambitious, so I’ll crave a selfish instant gratification project in between. Recently, I found a quick cowl that I found to be really interesting. I decided to knit it three times, each using a separate color of yarn. I truly am in love with the end result, and thought I should share it with you, in hope that you might try to make one yourself. The pattern, designed by spider woman knits, is free, so all you need to buy is one skein of bulky yarn (I used Quince & Co. Puffin), and a circular knitting needle (I used a size 13 addi Turbo Circular 16-inch (40cm) Knitting Needle ). I cast on 56 stitches (a bit more than the pattern called for because I was using slightly thinner yarn), joined in the round, and followed the pattern! Here are my three cowls:

goldfinch cowl

s m o k e  c o w l
lipstick cowl
I think this project would make for an excellent gift! Happy Knitting!

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