When I saw these fantastic cross-stitch d.i.y. projects I knew I had to put my stockpile of DMC embroidery floss to work on something other than a friendship bracelet!
The folks over at Fossil have transformed their perforated leather “Mason” handbag into a cross-stitch grid. I love the idea of customizing a bag to make it one-of-a-kind! Of course, this is an ambitious project and will take some planning, but I think the pay-off will be well worth it. Grab some graph paper & sketch out your design. Fossil has smaller  perforated leather “Mason” accessories that might work as well.
Mason Top Zip Bag $148 @ Fossil; In addition to the bag you need Embroidery Thread, Scissors, & a Threading Needle; Finished bag design over on the Fossil blog
Put a heavy object like a water bottle inside the bag to help prepare your surface. Keep in mind that X’s need to be crossed in the same direction. Thread your needle & tie a knot. Start on the inside of the bag poking through the lining of the bag & through the leather grid.  To create a stitch insert needle into the hole 45 degrees diagonally from the first hole and slide your needle under the perforated leather layer only (you don’t have to go back through the bag lining) to the next hole. Once you finish a line of x’s run your needle through the back & secure by once again poking through the lining and tie a knot. Continue in this manner until you’ve completed your design. For full instructions on this project, visit the Fossil blog.
You can also get your craft on with these genius cross-stitch iphone covers.  The cover comes with a 33 by 69 grid cross stitch case, three colors of thread, a needle, and a booklet of designs. But you can get creative and design your own pattern!
Designs by Purl Soho via the Purl Bee Blog; Leese Design  iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case $24.20 @ Purl Soho;
If you want to try a more traditional project, Purl Soho has sweet Animal cross-stitch kits. I think they would look adorable hanging in a nursery and would make for a perfect gift for someone with a little one on the way. 
Penguin & Fish  Animal Embroidery Kits $19.05 @ Purl Soho

These projects seem more intriguing and challenging than making a half dozen friendship bracelets don’t they? Get to it & have fun!

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