Dotty Kitchen Apron – Blue with Orange Dots £26.00; Dotty Ironing Board Covers £23.00;
Dotty Laundry Bag £23.00; Dotty Oven Gloves £12.00; available @ objects of design

the typical new york apartment is notoriously small so us apartment dwellers have to make the most of the space we have. this oftentimes translates into finding dual uses for furniture, and of course concealing those pesty everyday household items. if you ask me ironing boards and laundry hampers are the absolute worst…you have to have them, they are rarely attractive, and they are never compact. i hate ironing, and i most certainly hate ironing boards, but when I found the polka-dot ironing board cover pictured above i made a vow to reevaluate my relationship with the ironing board. currently, it is a castoff, an eyesore, and is shoved in every other direction when not in use–anything to get it out of sight & out of mind. i am now planning how i will mount the ironing board onto a door or wall. in doing this i hope to save my virtually non-existant closet space and ban all future household eye sore dilemmas. a simple cover will help me incorporate & blend in a much needed household appliance into my decor. Posted by Picasa

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