Chocolate Tart

I have always been an avid baker, but for the past year I have tried to venture out beyond my tried and true (favorites include: Snickerdoodles, Peanut Butter Chip Oatmeal Cookies, Pumpkin Bread, & Banana Bread). Mini Apple Tarts, Coffee Toffee Cupcakes, Chocolate Pecan TartletsEnglish Toffee, & Birthday Cake Pops were some of the new things I tried this past year with much success. I started thinking about making a chocolate tart when the Wall Street Journal posted Tartine’s Chocolate Rye Tart.

For my birthday, I wanted to make just that, but my grandmother unexpectedly passed away leading me to have to fly back to the midwest. Once I returned home to New York, I of course had all the ingredients for the chocolate tart waiting for me. After an emotionally exhausting trip, I opted to leave the Tartine’s Chocolate Rye Tart on my to-bake list and make a chocolate graham cracker crusted chocolate tart instead.

After reading the reviews of this particular recipe I thought I might try to add a bit of orange juice to the glaze. I thought the orange would add an element of sweet flavor that would compliment the chocolate. Of course, no one in the reviews actually said HOW they did this, only that it had been successful. I could have added a bit of orange zest to the heavy cream, but instead opted to add about a teaspoon of orange juice to the glaze mixture.

I had made the tart one day ahead, refrigerated and brought the tart back to room temperature before glazing as instructed, but when I went to spread my glaze, it wasn’t rolling quickly enough out to the edges so I spread it with a rubber spatula. This worked great, but the patent leather look of the glaze was sacrificed. In hindsight, I would have made & served the tart all in one day, as I suspect that my glaze thickened too quickly because my tart was still too cold. That said, the tart was decadent, delicious, and the orange flavor in the glaze was splendid. Without it, I am afraid one would be overwhelmed with the chocolate flavors of the tart.

I highly recommend this Chocolate Glazed Tart recipe, and will definitely make it again in hopes to get that perfect glaze finish.

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