{photo of Zac Posen by Peter Yang}

I’m super excited about the possibility of Zac Posen launching a “blog” on his website as a means for customers to communicate directly with the folks at the House of Z. According to the Fashion Inc. Blog via the Portfolio,

He is currently sending clandestine interoffice emails to figure out which employee is most naturally inclined to take on the monitoring of it. He said he’s doing it because he wants to hear “people’s experiences in our clothing, or with the Christmas Barbie. Our woman is so creative, I think it is will be a great forum for people.”

As the Coutorture editors pointed out this morning, Cathy Horyn, of The New York Times was onto something with her Two Clicks Behind article! To Mr. Posen’s credit he has done a much better job at using his website as a marketing tool. If you recall, back when Ms. Horyn’s article was written the Zac Posen website was a sorry looking thing, with no videos, few photos, and very little information overall! Even if the current site did crash the computers over at Coutorture (it hasn’t crashed mine), I have to say I quite like the window shopping design of the current Zac Posen site, and there are pictures, video, flash…it is a real live web site!

Here are two screen shots of the Zac Posen site:

Finally, we are seeing fashion begin to embrace the internet!!! I hope that Mr. Posen follows through with his vision for a blog and develops this. I think the idea has the potential of being a terrific marketing tool, and would help those of us who admire his garments on the runway gain additional insight into Zac Posen’s inspiration, vision, and upcoming projects. Just imagine if Zac Posen, in addition to the aforementioned blog, had a place on his site similar to Kate Spade’s “Behind the Curtain” allowing us to peak into his Tribeca studio!!! Oh I’m getting too excited over the possibilities…it would be swoon-worthy I tell you! Mr. Posen, join us in the blogosphere…PLEASE!

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