I wanted to try something fun for my nails this weekend, so I dropped in to the drugstore for some fun purple polish. I opted for Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Craze Polish in Barbados. This cost me $2.99 for a teeny tiny bottle, but the shade of purple was too perfect to pass up. After two to three coats of polish and drying time I took Color Club’s Nail Art polish in black and attempted to make my zebra stripes for a little something extra! I was pleased with the results…

zebra nails purple & black

Not bad for a first timer. The nail art polish brush was the perfect size and shape for zebra style stripes!

wet n wild craze in barbados
Wet n Wild Craze Polish in Barbados

Zebra Nail Art Detail:

zebra nail detail

zebra nails detail

It cost me about $6 and two hours give or take, so it was worth it! Give it a try! 🙂

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