Once my zebra nail art started to lose its luster I went for a nail design that would do Harry Potter proud…a single yellow thunderbolt on each purple nail. It made me feel strong like Zeus 🙂
Design Detail:
I applied three coats of Revlon’s limited edition Grape Icy. The formula was slightly watery and has a very slight grape scent when dry. 
Revlon Grape Icy Scented Polish available @ Drugstores (I purchased this polish at my local CVS. This specific shade is from the Scents of Summer 2010 Revlon collection & is limited edition, other Revlon shades can be purchased at Drugstore.com)
I chose Milani nail art polish because of the amazing nail art color selection available. The brush makes a line based design like this one very simple to apply. The formula is also on the watery side, but this proved to be a good thing as it made application much quicker!
Milani Nail Art with Precision Brush in Yellow $3.99 @ Walgreens and other drug stores

I’ll be doing a nail art tutorial video soon, so if you have requests, let me know! 

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